Humane Capture and Removal of Nuisance Wildlife

We will never use poisons or chemicals that may harm your family, pets, wildlife, or the environment!

Does Your Alachua County Home or Business Need Wildlife Removal?

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If you live in Florida, then you’ve probably had your fair share of encounters with unwanted house guests, and we don’t mean people! Raccoons, bats, squirrels; you name it, we’ve gotten a call about it. Our Alachua County wildlife removal service experts has been serving the communities of Newberry, Alachua, Tioga, and Jonesville with rodent control for years. While we enjoy our wildlife friends and don’t mind sharing outdoor spaces with them, we certainly don’t love them enough to want them meandering around our homes. There are a variety of ways that wildlife can find their ways into your home or business, and this can not only cause distress, but destruction. 

The Alachua County wildlife removal service professionals at Superior Wildlife Services understand what it’s like to have an unwelcome animal in your living or working space, and we know it can be overwhelming! We will work quickly and efficiently to remove your guest so you and yours can return to your normal routines.

If you are interested in learning more about what Superior Wildlife Services can do for you, give us a call. While our wildlife removal service and rodent control professionals primarily work in Alachua Counties of Newberry, Alachua, Tioga, and Jonesville.


Our Alachua County rodent control services can help with your rodent problems. Since rats and mice carry diseases and reproduce at a rapid rate, it is important to stop them in their tracks. 


Bats are highly toxic and bat guano stains ruin building materials. Our team will relocate your bat colony safely and effectively. 


While squirrels appear to be playful, these little guys cause serious issues once they set up shop in your home or business. 


Superior Wildlife Services can help protect your property from damages caused by raccoons. Between chewing, nesting, and kit damage, this wildlife can pack a punch.


These nocturnal daredevils love to get into trouble. Not only do they pose danger to pets and children, but they also leave shredded siding and wiring in their path. 


Armadillos leave destruction in your home or business when they tunnel through yards and uproot lawns. They can even weaken the structure, cause serious damage to your property.


Snakes can be a potential danger to children and pets. We can assess the danger level and give our best recommendations for snake containment or removal.

Feral Hogs

Our Alachua County wildlife removal services will take care of any aggressive and invasive feral hogs. These animals pose a serious threat and need professional removal services.

Dead Animals

Leave this to the professionals at Superior Wildlife Services. Dead animals can be hard to locate in your home or business and even worse to remove.

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Alachua County Counts on Superior Wildlife Services

I’ve known Scott for years and respect his honesty, integrity, knowledge, and ethics. He won’t guide you astray, he’ll be fair, and he’ll deliver on promises. If you’ve got critters that don’t belong in your home or surroundings, he’s your guy.

Brett Williams

We were at a complete loss as to what to do. There was a dead opossum under our house and the smell was unbearable! I crawled Nad under there and searched and searched but couldn’t find it. The stench seemed to be coming from everywhere. Finally my wife found Superior Wildlife Services and he assured us he could handle it. Well they showed up suited up and went and found that nasty critter. There’s no way anyone could’ve found it without ripping out the insulation in places they guessed it could be. Scott used his flexible camera and found it. Very friendly very professional and drove from Gainesville to Lake City in a moments notice to help. Theses people were great and they gave us our house back!

Chris Elwell

We had rats in our attic and had no idea how to get rid of them. We trying one service which didn’t deliver, my husband then found Superior Wildlife Services. They came out to our home promptly to evaluate the problem and give us an estimate. They then proceeded to do EXACTLY what they said they would do. They kept coming back until they were sure the rats were gone. They also sealed every entry point to make sure the rats can’t get back in.
They were wonderful to work with and so friendly, professional and trustworthy. I would recommend their services to anyone.

Pam Glonek

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