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A common entry point for wildlife is plumbing vents. Rodents such as squirrels and rats all can make quick work out of destroying a plumbing vent, providing direct access to your home. Luckily, Critter Quitter is available to provide an effective and long lasting repair for damaged plumbing vents. As authorized dealers, Superior Wildlife Services uses Critter Quitters to not only repair damaged plumbing vents but prevent damage and deny access in the first place.

Made with fully injected UV stabilized polypropylene and UV resistant, Critter Quitters stand up to the Florida elements year round. You can also count on:

  • Easy installation with included stainless steel screws and embossed pitch lines.
  • Perfect for vents that have been damaged or brand new vents.
  • No shingle removal needed, direct application for plumbing vent repair.
  • Keep wildlife and rodents outside of your house where they belong.

Critter Quitters® come in three sizes: small, large, and x-large and provide both function for protecting your plumbing vents, while adding an attractive element to the outside of your home. Small and large Critter Quitters® are suitable for most plumbing vents, while x-large may be needed for older homes with larger vents. These unique covers can help prevent leaks from damaged plumbing vents destroying the roof or reaching the interior of the home. They also prevent a variety of critters from getting into the house. Critter Quitters® can be used on both old and new roofing systems, and Scott and Sandra are happy to install one as part of their service visit. 

Would you like more information about Critter Quitters®? Please reach out to us at Superior Wildlife Services today! 

Superior Wildlife Services is an Authorized Critter Quitters Installer.

Florida has several types of animals that can cause issues for business owners. One common way that these animals find their way into commercial buildings and apartments is through the plumbing vents on the roof. If you have noticed animals getting into your building and ending up in your pipes, toilets, or sinks, Superior Wildlife Services can help. We are a licensed vendor of Critter Quitters®, a unique product designed to protect your plumbing vents and prevent wildlife from getting inside your business. Critter Quitters® come in several sizes, perfect for any size plumbing vent on your building. These handy tools help prevent critters like snakes, frogs, and rats from entering your building and causing any damage to its structure. Do you have a wildlife problem at your Gainesville business? Reach out to Scott and Sandra at Superior Wildlife Services today!

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