The only place most of us like to see bats is at the bat houses on the University of Florida campus. If you arrive before sunset, you can usually see your fill on most evenings.

However, bats do not limit themselves to UF. Generally, Florida’s 13 native bat species roost in trees, caves and other natural spaces. Unfortunately, they will often find themselves interested in man-made structures. And much of that interest occurs in the fall.

That can often mean your attic because it’s safe, and they often find food or water. Bats in the attic are the real deal in Gainesville.

While bats are normally not aggressive, you should avoid handling them. With their small teeth, they can puncture skin easily and transfer disease. It’s hard to tell you were bitten.

Their urine and guano will cause serious problems for sheetrock, soffit and insulation, as well as cause health concerns.

Since they are a federally protected species, removing bats from your home is not a simple task.

If you have a bat problem, Superior Wildlife Services can solve it.

Maternity season for bats goes from mid-April to mid-August. It is illegal to install any devices to block entry and exit during that time. That’s why it’s best to deal with it starting in late August.

If you believe you have a bat problem, now is the time to call and get on our schedule for humane and safe removal.