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Superior Wildlife Services is a proud member of NWCOA

When you have a problem with wild animals calling your house home, come to Superior Wildlife Services. Scott and Sandra have served the community for 10 years and we provide a variety of Gainesville animal removal services to get pests, rodents, critters, and other wildlife out of your house and back into the wild where they belong. Superior Wildlife Services provides animal removal services for wildlife like feral hogs, snakes, and bats, but we do not handle cases for domesticated pets. It is best to contact county animal services for those issues. 

If you are experiencing a nuisance issue with a wild animal, we are here to help with our Gainesville nuisance wildlife control services. We survey the situation and carefully remove any animals living in your space, treating them with care, and preventing any further damage to your home. Unlike the county and other Gainesville animal removal services, our company handles your issue through to its absolute resolution. We will identify the type of animal taking up residence in your home, locate all areas where it has been accessing your structure, and remove all animals. Whether you have wildlife living in the attic, under the porch, or between the walls, Scott and Sandra will make sure every area of your house is free from unwanted animals.  And when you need wildlife removal services in the Jacksonville area, our friends at Jax Wildlife Removal have you covered. Superior Wildlife Services is a family owned and operated business with over 20 years of experience in Gainesville animal removal and nuisance wildlife control and they are familiar with your wildlife problems.


Superior Wildlife Services offers safe mice and rat removal, without the use of poisons or ineffective traps. We provide long-term solutions to prevent infestations.


Do you have a colony of bats living in your attic? Superior Wildlife Services understands the most effective methods for bat removal, and we are here to help. 


If you have squirrels living in your attic, we can remove them safely and humanely. Superior Wildlife Services is here to remove wildlife from all areas of your home.


Raccoons love to eat trash and pet food, which is why they are drawn to people’s homes. We can remove any raccoons that may invade your home.


Opossums are attracted to your home due to unforeseen rodent issues. Scott and Sandra can safely trap these animals and remove them from your home. 


Armadillos are destructive animals that can wreak havoc. Superior Wildlife Services can remove armadillos from your landscape quickly and efficiently. 


Snakes are generally harmless animals, unless provoked. Whether you have venomous or non-venomous snakes at your house, call Scott and Sandra.

Feral Hogs

Have feral hogs destroyed your landscaping? At Superior Wildlife Services, we can remove feral hogs from your property once and for all. 

Dead / Decontaminated Animals

Are there strange smells emitting from your property? If you have dead animals, we remove them and clean up any mess they made before and after dying. 

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