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In the wrong context, coyotes are dangerous to both people and property. These opportunistic predators are a hazard to livestock, pets, and people. Coyotes are known to scavenge in garbage for food, even leading to structural damage in some cases. They can infiltrate garages, homes, and other structures.

If you’re experiencing issues with coyotes on your property, it’s crucial to take action as soon as possible. Contact Superior Wildlife today for professional wildlife removal services. Our team has the expertise and resources to handle coyote trapping, capture, and removal safely and swiftly.

Don’t let coyotes jeopardize your property or peace of mind. Reach out to Superior Wildlife today for reliable coyote removal solutions!

When you have coyotes destroying your lawn or threatening your landscaping or family, it’s time to call in Gainesville (as well as Alauchua and Marion County) nuisance wildlife removal services. Superior Wildlife Services understands how to remove coyotes safely and humanely from your property, and we are here to help residents with our Gainesville coyote control service. Coyotes are often attracted to people’s yards by smelling food or garbage. They can enter your home through the garage or an open door or window, often wreaking havoc until they’re safely removed. Stay away from them in the case they have entered your home or property and contact us right away.

If you have an issue with coyotes, we will come to your home and set traps to safely remove the them for good.  You have worked hard to maintain your home, do not let it be destroyed by a coyote invasion.

If you have a coyote on your property, reach out to Scott and Sandra at Superior Wildlife Services. We can provide you with our scope of service and a price quote. We look forward to helping your family get back to normal with our Gainesville nuisance wildlife removal and coyote control service. 

We specialize in rodent control and wildlife removal of the following: rats, bats, squirrels, raccoons, opossums, armadillos, snakes, feral hogs, and dead animals.

Superior Wildlife Services Rids Your Commercial Space of Coyotes.

Superior Wildlife Services is proud to serve the community with Gainesville nuisance wildlife removal services for coyotes. Florida residents often deal with coyotes threatening their property, pets, and children. Fortunately, we are here to find a resolution to your issue. Coyotes often use areas with trash cans as their feeding grounds, so they are attracted to restaurants, apartment complexes, and other businesses. Coyotes can be incredibly threatening, even damaging property. Our company will come in and assess the situation, then safely trap and remove the coyotes. Contact Scott and Sandra at Superior Wildlife Services today for expert coyote control!

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Coyotes in Action

Does this look familiar? If yes, give Superior Wildlife Services a call so we can secure your residence or commercial property and restore your space. Get in touch with Scott and Sandra for help with coyotes today.

Landscape Damage

Coyote property damage.

Coyote Trapping & Snaring

Call Superior Wildlife today for coyote trapping and removal!