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Do you have wildlife stealing your pet food, digging under your porch, and making a general mess of things in your yard? Known colloquially as “possums,” here in America, these marsupials are scientifically known as the Virginia opossum and are different from their opossum cousins in Australia. Regardless of the technical term, opossums are notorious for all types of mischief and if they have taken up residence at your home, it can cause a real headache. At Superior Wildlife Services, we are Gainesville opossum removal and wildlife control specialists and we are here to help. Opossums are known for burrowing under porches and decks, sneaking into attics, and dying in inconvenient locations causing terrible odors. Opossums are also attracted to food sources such as pet food or rodents. 

Scott and Sandra will come out to your home and determine where the opossums have been hanging out and provide a plan to trap them and remove them permanently. We provide Gainesville opossum removal, so we will not kill any animals on your property, but rather trap them, relocate them, and provide tips to keep them from reentering. If there are dead opossums in your attic or under the porch though, we will dispose of them so you do not have to deal with that. You have worked hard to maintain your home, do not let opossums cause unnecessary damage. 

Are you battling with opossums taking up residence in your attic or shed? Contact Scott and Sandra at Superior Wildlife Services today to schedule an appointment for Gainesville opossum removal services. We are here to keep unwanted wildlife out of your yard.  

We specialize in rodent control and wildlife removal of the following: rats, bats, squirrels, raccoons, opossums, armadillos, snakes, feral hogs, coyotes, and dead animals.

Family Owned and Operated, Superior Wildlife Services helps secure your commercial Gainesville space.

Have you noticed animals digging holes outside your commercial property? Gainesville business owners often have trouble with opossums and Superior Wildlife Services is here to provide a long-term solution for these nuisances. Our services are humane, and we will not kill any critters we find, but rather, relocate them to a safer habitat. Our methods of trapping are tested, and Scott and Sandra are very efficient in wildlife removal. We can also remove dead opossums from deck areas, in warehouses, or in apartments, so that your business can start running normal again. If you need commercial Gainesville wildlife control services, contact Scott and Sandra today. We look forward to working with you for opossum removal.






We are authorized Critter Quitter Installers!

Opossum Damage

Do you recognize this damage? If yes, give Superior Wildlife Services a call so we can secure your residence or commercial property and restore your space. Get in touch with Scott and Sandra for help with your nuisance opossums today.

Structural Damage

As invasive critters, opossums seek protection and food where they can find it. Attics and sheds are both likely places for opossum entry. Opossums in the attic are common across Gainesville & Alachua County.