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There are several types of wildlife that can cause frustration to homeowners throughout Gainesville, including snakes. While snakes are not known to cause structural damage to houses or yards, they can pose the threat of bites, and let’s face it, they creep most people out. Superior Wildlife Services provides expert Gainesville snake removal services and we are here to make your snake issues a thing of the past. Snakes are often found in the lawn, garden, or near pools. They can also nest inside of attics or crawl spaces, especially if there is a mouse infestation providing their food source.

While most snakes are not dangerous unless provoked, they can still pose a safety threat to your family, especially if you have children or pets or attempt to catch them yourself. Snakes will bite when they feel threatened, so if you have a snake lurking in your yard, it is best to call in the Gainesville snake control experts to remove it. Superior Wildlife Services provides animal removal, rather than extermination, so we will come to your home and remove the snake, and complete a thorough inspection of the surrounding area to ensure that no others are on site. We will also provide recommendations to keep them out for good.

To identify most common Florida snakes, click here: Florida’s snakes (

We specialize in animal control and wildlife removal of the following: rats, bats, squirrels, raccoons, opossums, armadillos, snakes, feral hogs, coyotes, and dead animals.

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Snakes come in all sizes and varieties in Florida, and while many are harmless, even non-venomous snakes can bite when they feel threatened. If you have a snake problem at your commercial property, it is time to call in the Gainesville snake removal experts at Superior Wildlife Services. We perform commercial wildlife removal services for companies throughout our community, and our Gainesville snake trapper services can make your snake issues a thing of the past. Having a snake problem is dangerous for your staff and customers, especially if they are a venomous species like rattlesnakes. Scott and Sandra will safely catch, remove and relocate any snakes from your commercial property and provide tips to keep them from reentering. Most often, snakes are attracted to areas with rodent infestations, so we will thoroughly inspect your property to remove anything that is attracting the snakes. If you have a snake issue, call our Gainesville snake trappers today to resolve it quickly. 

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Gainesville Snakes

Do you recognize these guys? If yes, give Superior Wildlife Services a call so we can secure your residence or commercial property and restore your space. Get in touch with Scott and Sandra for help with your nuisance snakes today.

Grey Rat Snake

This grey rat snake snuck into a house and was later found to be full of mice in the attic.

Eastern Diamondback

These rattlesnakes are often seen close to homes that have rodent issues. Scott and Sandra can help you with both issues.

Black Racer

Black Racers are a common sight in Florida lawns and shrubbery. This guy was removed from a Gainesville residence.