Have problems with squirrels? What about a squirrel infestation? Squirrels in you Gainesville attic? Our furry neighbors seem to be everywhere this time of year – squirrels. Squirrels in the attic are common in Gainesville. And as we move into warmer weather, we will see them much more.

Under normal circumstances, seeing squirrels run around in your neighborhood or on your property is not a big problem.

They chase birds, run away from pets, and forage in your garden.

The problem with squirrels occurs when they decide to move indoors.

They are exceptional climbers. Getting up on your roof and then into your house is no problem
for them.

With climbing no problem, squirrels, like any other rodent, are gnawing animals. With well-developed jaw muscles and extremely sharp front teeth, they can chew through almost anything. So, they can easily climb onto your house, get on the roof, chew through a wooden gable and suddenly they are in your attic. Female squirrels will often do this to find a comfortable place to give birth to a litter.

This generally happens twice a year – late summer and early winter. So, while they might seek protection in your home at any time, these seasonal timings are more common.

The obvious problem when this occurs is the damage they can cause to your home or property.

The most common of these problems starts with their chewing through the wood structure of your home to gain access. Along with the wood, they can easily chew through insulation and electrical wiring. So, in addition to damage, you could be looking at a fire hazard.

If you call an exterminator to deal with the problem, their goal is exterminating to solve the problem. But if you call us at Superior Wildlife Services, we take a different approach.

We assess the issue and determine the best way to remove the squirrels without harming them.