Florida certainly has its share of wildlife, and that means it has its share of nuisance wildlife.

That means your home or property may be dealing with wildlife problems in multiple ways.

First, you may be experiencing property damage. While this damage could be minimal, in many cases it can be severe. The result may be problems that can cause structural issues requiring a great deal of money to repair.

Second, nuisance wildlife may be a health and safety threat to you and your family.

Finally, they can simply be an annoyance – one that you may not want to have around your home.

However, removing nuisance wildlife may be more complicated than it seems. Before taking the steps necessary to remove nuisance wildlife, there are some things to consider.

The particular wildlife in question may be a protected species. So, simply killing it may not be an acceptable alternative.

Additionally, there are many native species that you may consider a nuisance but actually have a positive role in maintaining nature’s balance around your home or property.

Finally, the elimination of nuisance wildlife should be done through humane capture and removal. And that’s where a professional comes in. This is not something you should take on yourself.

So, if you are going to call a professional service in North Central Florida to remove nuisance wildlife in the North Central Florida area, why should you reach out to Superior Wildlife Services?

The reasons are plentiful.

We are local, and we have been doing this for more than 14 years. That means we are experienced in how to deal with wildlife that would normally be seen in this area.

In addition, we are serious when we say “Humane Capture and Removal.” That’s beneficial to the wildlife, your pets and your family. We do not use any chemicals or poisons in our removals. Obviously, that’s important for every person and every animal involved.

And finally, we handle any repairs and clean up, making Superior Wildlife a one-stop shop for removing nuisance wildlife.

So, we are the obvious and best solution if you are dealing with nuisance wildlife around your home and property.